LeAP Testimonials


. . . the interactivity of the CD ROM allows it to do all that the rest of the Transition Programme cannot”. (Mr J. Doroszczuk)

". . . a successful project which the children have benefitted from considerably." (Rob Appleby)



Sophia - "I like the way it was made by children for children - they understood what it was like to be going to secondary school and know a lot about it . . . I thought the teachers would be really stern but it showed they were really kind like in Primary."

Isabella - "The Homework section was interesting - it made it clear how much homework you’d have and I felt better because I was worried that I might not be able to keep up . . . the Head Teacher was reassuring because he was saying that there’s always someone there to help you . . . I thought it helped us to feel better about some subject we were worried about."

Rosie - In the Responses, the children don’t just say “don’t worry” - they explain things well with lots of information. This was good because if something happens, you know what to do . . . I didn’t know there were so many subjects in Secondary School."

Ella - "I really like the way it’s presented - - - the drawings are all children’s drawings. They’re done by different children in different styles."

Isabella - "It didn’t take long to work out your way around it."

Jodie - “The presentation was good because it told us all about comp and all the lessons you will have.”

Hannah - “It was good animation and quality.”

Francesca - “It was nice to see drawings instead of photos.”

Michael - “It was good to see what the school was like. It was well designed, the colours and music were good and the way it was laid out grabbed your attention.”

Sam - “The videos were useful because they explained a lot about the school and made me feel more confident about going to a new school in September.”

Tom - “It will help us to get through fears of bullying and getting lost.”

Ben - “It explained everything I need to know.”

Charlotte - “It shows you about lessons and teachers.”

Zoe - “My most useful bit was when a girl was speaking and she felt just like I feel now.”

James - “The bits about the bus and detention were the best.”

Chris - “It was all useful because it told you what it will be like in September.”

Carter - “It was very easy to use.”



"I wish we'd had this when I was at school!" (David)