Taking the LeAP Exhibition

Download a pdf version of the full exhibition here.

Addressing the . . .cncrns
. . . of Year Six children along with responses from Years 7 and 8, the LeAP Transition Programme also promotes and reassures parents about the school their children may soon attend.

New Developments

Recently the interactive LeAP CD ROM has been adapted to allow more flexibility in the costs involved. This allows a starting price that is just a fraction of the full original project.

If you would like to find out more, contact Alastair Duncan on 07887 906236 or email alastair@acmd.co.uk



A short 80 second screenshot video of the LeAP Transition Programme

“Taking the LeAP - Moving on to Secondary School” is a multimedia project designed to address the concerns of Year 6 children in their last term of primary school. Designed with children from Years 5 - 8, “. . . the interactivity of the CD ROM allows it to do all that the rest of the Transition Programme cannot”.

Rosie - 'In the "Responses" section, the children don’t just say “don’t worry” - they explain things well with lots of information. This was good because if something happens, you know what to do . . . I didn’t know there were so many subjects in Secondary School.'

The CD gives pupils and parents a chance to explore the fears and expectations they may have about the Comprehensive School they are soon to enter. Pupils are able to talk about and illustrate their concerns. They are able to watch and listen to their peers a year ahead of them respond to those concerns and reassure them as to the reality of life at Comprehensive School.

They can take a virtual tour of the school and see the classrooms and lessons in action. They can discover the scope of activities provided by the school as well as practical information on school uniform and rules.